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Many large companies and organizations in the world use different hiring systems and software to facilitate their hiring process. One of these very useful software is Recruitment Automation (ATS). What ATS software is and how it helps organizations in the recruitment process is a topic that we will discuss below.

In fact, the recruitment process in organizations, like all other work processes, requires optimal design and proper monitoring. Therefore, managing a complex process such as hiring, especially when the volume of input information is high, requires the use of advanced software systems such as ATS.

The ATS, also known as the Job Application Tracking System, collects jobseekers' data in a fully centralized manner and then makes it available to hiring managers and experts. In this way, the quality of the recruitment process will increase, and the accuracy of the relevant experts will be higher than before.

In addition to stating the features of this software, we will work with to examine how it works, its advantages and its effect on rejecting or accepting job seekers' resumes.

What is ATS (job seeker tracking) software? What are its features?

Application Tracking System (ATS) for short; It is an advanced web-based system that manages and monitors the recruitment process, from sending resumes to completing other forms of the organization. In fact, the most important feature and advantage of this software is that it facilitates the search for users' information and organizes their recruitment process. However, the use of the ATS system is not limited to streamlining resume receipts and allows managers to separate some keywords in the software to separate their resumes from other job applications.

Another issue that takes a lot of time from managers in the hiring process is the adaptation of job seekers to the desired job opportunity. For example, a content marketing company hired an ad and received more than a thousand resumes in two days. The range of resumes received is sometimes very diverse and may range from a digital marketing expert to an English teacher.

Therefore, ATS, which is an advanced example of artificial intelligence, is here to help the employer, and out of a thousand resumes submitted, only the resumes that match the title of content marketer are provided to the employer.

Recruitment Automation (ATS) Features

In general, recruitment software has the following features:

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How does ATS software work?

ATS starts with the publication of a job position. In fact, this system, which has the ability to connect to online job posting systems, shares the desired job opportunities and conditions in the necessary contexts for job seekers.

Then, the job seekers who have seen the ad will send their resume and the employer will be able to easily follow the recruitment process of these people. Of course, in this system, there are features such as pre-prepared forms that the job seeker can be asked to complete these forms at the same time as sending the resume. These forms help to better understand the abilities and personality of job seekers and help the employer to choose a better option.

Some of these systems work in such a way that strong key job seekers are filtered or separated from weak ones using keywords set by the HR manager  However, there is a possibility of error in this method, but the employer has to do it. Because it eliminates the need to review a large number of resumes and creates a more successful recruitment for people.

Finally, without the need for a phone call or request to attend, the system will notify the job seekers by email that their resume has been selected or rejected. Another positive feature of this software is that it enables the human resources manager to store the desired resumes in the database for a long time. In this way, strong resumes remain with the manager for a long time and can be accessed for future job needs.

Why do organizations use the ATS system? (Benefits of ATS)

You may be wondering why HR managers use hiring automation. In general, it should be said that this system provides highly professional and complex diagrams to human resource managers and, therefore, is an extremely suitable tool for optimizing and organizing the hiring process.

Typically, companies publish their job postings at specific times, and there are several job opportunities in these ads. This causes a very large volume of resumes to flow to managers on a daily basis. On the other hand, many job seekers who are not eligible for employment in those job titles with the idea that Free Stone, Free Sparrow, have submitted their job application. And email.

Do you now realize how much conflict and preoccupation a seemingly simple process creates for human managers? All in all, the recruitment process will be a huge waste of time and energy if done without ATS.

The ATS intelligent system can collect and maintain all received resumes in one place, organize resumes and select the top resumes by performing automatic prioritization. On the other hand, due to not using paper and registering job seekers' information in the software, the possibility of losing information will be zero.

This software facilitates communication between the human resources unit and job seekers, has several additional features such as commenting and ranking, and examines the compatibility between the received resumes with the desired job title.

*Other advantages and reasons for using recruitment automation include the following:*

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How does the ATS system affect the selection or rejection of people's

In the following, we will say how this widely used and useful automation can identify the best resumes and reduce the percentage of human error in selecting capable job seekers.


View resumes by admin

It is good to know that managers do not take about 5 to 7 seconds to view the submitted job applications. They take a look at the skills, career history and education of the people and at the same time, in a short time, decide whether or not to find out more about the job seeker!

Automatic automation scoring

As you know, this software has the ability to match the submitted specifications with the desired job title. Therefore, instead of taking the time to view the resumes, the employer can classify the resumes based on the points received by the automation by providing a command to the software. Then, allow enough time for selected resumes and focus on a limited number of applications.


Filter resumes by keywords

Did you know that ATS automation has the ability to search for keywords? Using exactly this option, HR managers search for their keywords in various sections of the resume, such as skills, background, education, etc., and filter requests.

For example, if a manager intends to hire a person as a public relations manager, it is enough to search for the word "public relations manager / expert" among the job titles. However, the search can also go from simple to more complex. In any case, managers will have access to all resumes with the same title by searching for the keywords they want, and other resumes will not have a chance to be seen.

Therefore, we at Targeted Web Traffic recommend that, in addition to reading articles related to resume writing, you also pay close attention to the keywords that the employer wants when writing a resume. A simple way to get these keywords is to look closely at the job description in the job posting. This means that if you see the title of office worker in the ad, be sure to include this word in your resume to increase your chances of getting hired.


But the conclusion

We tried to explain how this automation works, despite answering the question of what ATS software is. In fact, this software helps to quickly identify top job seekers and accelerates the process of attracting and hiring companies.

As we have said, the way this automation works is that it will eliminate the need for human resource managers to use several applications at the same time. On the other hand, it is enough for the employer to search for a keyword among the received resumes; The results are what he wants and, in this way, other resumes will not have a chance to be seen.

Have you ever used ATS software? To what extent do you think using such systems will help hire qualified people? Share your valuable comments with us.